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Where has your old oil filter been going once you’ve changed the oil in your car? If you’ve guessed the dump or the nearest landfill, you’re right. Until now, that is. At Pit Stop U.S.A., we say it’s not enough to just recycle the oil we drain from your car. The used filter doesn’t belong in the dump, either; even if it’s been crushed, it still has 3-4 oz. of oil left in it – and we think that’s unacceptable. We’ve found a way to stop that waste.

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  1. First we cut open each filter, separate out all the components, and let them drain on a rack for several hours. The drained oil is collected and recycled with the rest of our oil.
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  1. We put the filter cores and the outer metal casings in separate buckets, and wash them with a non-toxic detergent. Inside the washer, a slowly turning wheel picks up the oil from the surface of the waste water, and drains it into a container. This oil gets recycled too.
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  1. The filter cores are dried and sent out for use as an industrial fuel. The metal casings are crushed here at Pit Stop U.S.A., then sent out for recycling.
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  1. Don’t pollute soil and ground water by throwing used oil filters in the trash. When you get your oil changed at Pit Stop U.S.A. , your used oil and oil filters get recycled or reclaimed.